Lemon Drizzle Overnight Oats

Lemon Drizzle Overnight Oats recipe hero image
  • Preparation

    10 Minutes

  • Serves

    Approximately 2-4

  • Chilling time


  • Level


  • Featuring

    Lemon Drizzle

Start your day the right way with our gorgeous, vegan over night oats recipe! What makes this lemon drizzle overnight oats recipe so special we hear you ask? It’s made lovingly with Nakd Lemon Drizzle bars to add a little bit of zest to your typical oats breakfast, which is sure to wake you up in the morning! Bright, tangy, vegan friendly and full of oaty goodness, what more could you ask for? So, who says you can’t have lemon drizzle cake first thing in the morning? Go on and treat yourself to these lemon drizzle overnight oats to make your day a little more special!



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