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Broccoli Pasta

Broccoli Pasta recipe hero image
  • Preparation

    10 Minutes

  • Serves

    Approximately 2-4

  • Baking time

    10 Minutes

  • Level


  • Featuring

    Cocoa Orange

Healthy lunch box ideas for the kids? Look no further with our delicious Hummus and Broccoli Pasta! Made with the finest natural ingredients (just like our Nākd vegan snack bars) from gorgeously fresh broccoli to ripe cherry tomatoes, this delicious and filling meal will keep your little ones going throughout the school day.

Do you know what’s even better than that?  This yummy lunchbox recipe is quick and easy to make. Afterall we know how busy the school run can be, but even on your most manic of Monday’s you can whip this pasta with hummus recipe up in no time! Now that’s a school lunch every parent needs in their back pocket.

The treats just keep on coming! We have perfectly paired this broccoli pasta recipe with our brand new kids snack – Nākd Lunchies Cocoa Brownie bar. This chocolatey, sweet treat makes the perfect dessert for your kid’s lunchbox,  which is sure to keep them happy until the school bell rings!

We would love to see this lunchbox recipe in action so be sure to send your pasta, hummus and broccoli creations to @nakdwholefoods!





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