Nakd Drizzled Chocolish FAQs

Nakd Chocolish bars have a soft fruit and nut centre which is dipped and drizzled in Chocolish and are even 1 of your 5 a day! Nakd’s wholefood, delicious answer to chocolate. It’s been years in the making and now we’ve cracked it! We can’t wait for you to taste and enjoy it!

Nakd Chocolish is made from some of the core ingredients you would normally find in chocolate such as cocoa butter and cocoa but instead of adding cow’s milk and processed sugar we’ve replaced these with fruit for sweetness plus rice flour & tiger nuts for creaminess. Nakd Chocolish is a natural and plant-based delight with no added sugar, no dairy, gluten-free and vegan.

No, as chocolate contains processed sugar and often dairy.  Nakd Chocolish looks like chocolate and tastes like chocolate (actually it’s better than chocolate if you ask us) but since it contains no added processed sugar it can’t be called chocolate per EU Food Labeling Regulations. Kinda crazy huh.

Nakd Chocolish tastes just like chocolate – in fact better, we think! It’s sweet, smooth, creamy and melts in your mouth.  Get ready to be happy!

Yes, Nakd Chocolish is vegan.

Our cocoa is sourced from African and South American countries famous for their great cocoa beans. We have a strict policy for Supplier assurance for all our ingredients to ensure we have ethically sourced ingredients from reputable suppliers. Our suppliers have environmental and ethical policies and are members of the European Cocoa Association and International Cocoa Initiative.

Because it’s too good to keep to ourselves! We all love to treat ourselves from time to time, and it’s been our ambition to create healthier alternatives to everyday snacks you know and love. Nakd Chocolish bars are perfect for those looking for the sweet indulgence of confectionary but want a healthier alternative.

No, they’re different. These are all new recipes created just for this range to perfectly complement our Chocolish.

There are three amazing flavours in the range: Double Chocolish, Peanut Chocolish, Raspberry Chocolish. Available in multipacks 4x35g. We hope you love them as much as we do!

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