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Veganuary Recipe Ideas

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January is a thing of the past, there is only one name for the first month of the year – Veganuary! A time when meat eaters, flexitarians and vegetarians alike try to give the vegan lifestyle a go. If you are completely new to veganism then it can be difficult knowing where to start! So, we have rounded up some delicious, easy vegan recipes for you to try!

Vegan Breakfast Recipes

  • Vegan Scrambled Egg on Toast

People often think that switching to veganism means you have to give up the food you love – but it’s not true! There are some great plant-based alternatives like tofu scrambled eggs which means you can still enjoy your favourite brekkie. Brands like Tofoo already scramble the tofu for you, or you can have a go at making it yourself. Then simply add whatever flavouring you like such as chopped tomatoes or spices like paprika for an extra kick in the morning. Then sprinkle on top of lightly toasted gluten-free bread and you are good to go!

  • Vegan Porridge

Looking for something more hearty than cereal? Vegan porridge is the dish for you! You can make it the same way you would regular porridge, but mix your oats with a milk alternative like gorgeous oat milk or soya milk. Then top with the berries of your choice or add some extra vegan protein with the likes of almonds and chia seeds.

If you love oats then why not try our delicious Lemon Drizzle and Banoffee Pie Overnight Oats for the perfect vegan breakfast

  • Vegan Fry Up

We all enjoy a cheeky fry up from time to time – especially on a lazy Sunday morning! Good news for vegans, you can still enjoy this British classic by making a couple of changes. You can keep the staples like mushrooms, beans, tomatoes and hashbrowns – although check the recipe if you are buying ready made hash browns as it may contain dairy. Then either bulk up your plate with iron rich foods like spinach, or take advantage of the huge strides in vegan sausages and bacon, whatever takes your fancy!

Vegan Lunch Recipes

  • Vegan Sandwiches

A sandwich is one of the easiest lunches to make – perfect for taking to school or work. There are a whole host of delightful vegan fillings for you to try. From tasty hummus and beetroot, to roasted tomato and pesto or the classic PB and J, the world is your oyster!

If you prefer something a little lighter then try our Pinwheel vegan wraps which are perfect for the kids’ lunchboxes. Or if you’re in need of an after lunch treat for your little ones, why not try out our brand new Lunchies bars? They’re the perfect healthy snack for kids – or anyone else for that matter!

  • Jacket Potatoes

Jacket potatoes are the ultimate warming lunch! The best thing about them is that everyone can add their own topping – perfect if the kids all want something different! Beans are a very common topping which are great for vegans, high in fibre and a great source of plant based protein. However, if you want to try something new then top your spud with either a flavoursome chickpea salad, spicy dhal or lentil chilli.

  • Falafel Wraps

Falafel is a Middle Eastern delicacy, made from grounded chickpeas and broad beans, deep fried into a delightful fritter. These make for a scrumptious wrap filling, which is sure to keep you full until dinner time! Just take a wholemeal wrap, and place your falafel inside, before adding the sauce of your choice. We recommend a gorgeous tahini and heaping of salad made up of lettuce, tomato and fresh cucumber.

  • Afternoon snacks

Your appetite can change on a daily basis so if you occasionally find yourself in need of an afternoon pick me up or just fancy a sweet something along with your cuppa, look no further than our Nakd Chocolish bars! These vegan snack bars are full of fruit and nutty goodness which is then drenched in delicious vegan chocolate. With tasty flavours like Peanut Chocolish and Double Chocolish there’s a Nakd snack bar with your name on it!

Vegan Dinner Recipes

  • Lentil Bolognese

Who doesn’t love a good spaghetti bolognese? If you don’t have any vegan mince then you can make this luscious dish with a tin of lentils you have in the back of the cupboard. Simply add red lentils to a pan with the typical ingredients of a tomato sauce, sauteed onions and finely chopped carrots. Then season well with salt, pepper and Italian herbs if you have them to hand. Then serve with perfectly cooked pasta for a great mid-week meal.

If that’s not enough pasta goodness then try our yummy pasta with hummus and broccoli which the whole family are sure to love.

  • Vegan Thai Green Curry

If you’re someone who likes a bit of spice in their life then Thai food is for you! Asain dishes typically use vegan ingredients so there are some scrumptious options available like a Thai green curry. All you need is coconut milk, Thai green curry paste and garlic for the base, then you can begin bulking out with potatoes, tofu and the veggies of your choice. Then serve with fragrant rice and top with red chili for another burst of heat!

  • Vegan Roast Dinner

The British roast dinner may be more vegan friendly then one might think. At its heart, the dish is 90% veggies made up of staple ingredients like roast potatoes, carrots, parsnips and cauliflower which you can top with vegan cheese. Arguably everyone’s favourite part of a roast is the Yorkshire pudding, but this can be easily made with dairy-free milk! Then all that’s left is the meat-free option to tie the dish together. You could opt for a traditional nut roast, or try a succulent vegetable parcel. You’ll be going in for seconds!

There we have it! A vegan recipe for every meal of the day so that you never run out of ideas in Veganuary. Who knows, you may even love these veganuary recipes so much that you decide to stay vegan for the rest of the year! Good news, all our Nakd snack bars are vegan friendly so you can still enjoy your favourite treat!

If that wasn’t enough, we have even more foodie inspiration for you! From our gorgeous Nakd recipes, to blogs on vegan kid’s snack ideas, plant-based takeaways and vegan Christmas dinners, you will be spoilt for choice!

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