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Vegan Sweet Snacks For Anyone to Enjoy

vegan sweet snacks

People who switch to a plant-based diet often think that they have to give up the sweet snacks they love, but that’s simply not the case! There have been huge strides in creating vegan alternatives to all your favourite treats, as well as sweets that are naturally vegan, which anyone with a sweet tooth can enjoy!

Can vegans eat sweets?

The simple answer is yes! You just have to make sure the sweet foods do not contain any animal products like dairy, honey or gelatine. Some sweets are naturally vegan, whereas others have become vegan friendly thanks to the increase in vegan alternatives. For example, fruits are rich in natural sugars which gives them their naturally sweet flavour. Therefore, they can be added to any snack to give it a sweet taste without needing any artificial flavourings.

What sweets and chocolate can vegans eat?

  • Turkish Delight – Good news, traditional Turkish delight is 100% vegan. Despite its gorgeous chewy texture it’s made without gelatine. They come in an array of different flavours so you can find the perfect sweet for you. From rose flavoured to lemon, pistachio, coconut, pomegranate, orange, cinnamon and more.
  • Love Hearts – Just when you thought you couldn’t love these iconic sweets anymore you discover they’re naturally vegan. In fact, any hard delicious sweet like palma violets or candy necklaces are vegan friendly because they are not made with any animal products. Don’t forget to read the message on your love heart before you eat it! You’ll get a yummy sweet and lovely compliment all in one go.
  • Dark Chocolate – Are you a chocoholic? Then dark chocolate is a great option for you if you’re thinking about switching to a vegan diet. The key is to look for chocolate with a coca percentage of over 50%. You can enjoy it raw as a chocolate bar, or use it in baking. Or if you prefer milk chocolate then keep your eye out for oat milk chocolate bars which are becoming more and more popular!
  • Hard Candy Lollipops – Generally all lollipops are vegan because they are typically hard candy based, and therefore, do not contain any dairy. However, there are a few exceptions so always be sure to check the label. Lollipops are sweet, easy to carry, and perfect to have on the go, making for a great vegan sweet to take on trips or a picnic!
  • Raw cacao – This type of chocolate is very bitter, but perfect for those on a raw vegan diet. It’s typically used in baking in the form of cocoa nibs for your chocolate chip cookies or muffins. However, you can also eat raw cocoa butter which is packed with Vitamin E and can help improve bone health. Although, these days cocoa butter is more commonly used as a skin product thanks to its moisturising properties.

Love raw chocolate? Then our nākd. Chocolish snack bars are for you! From Peanut Cocoa to Raspberry Cocoa you can find the perfect flavour to enjoy!

 Vegan Desserts 

Pretty much any dessert can be made vegan. You just have to get creative with the recipe. As veganism became more popular, we saw a huge surge in alternatives to animal products hitting the shelves. From milk alternatives, to vegetable margarine and aquafaba (a chickpea based alternative to egg whites), you can still make all your favourite sweet treats. Here are just a few ideas to help you get started:

  • Vegan and gluten-free brownies – The best thing about a chocolate brownie is that they maintain their delicious, rich, chocolatey taste no matter what plant-based or gluten-free ingredients you swap in and out of the recipe. They are so easy to make so why not whip up a batch at home? Everyone, vegan or non-vegan, will love them!
  • Vegan cheesecake – Don’t let the name fool you, there are dairy-free versions of cheesecakes for anyone on a plant-based diet to enjoy. All you gotta do is decide what flavour. From a gorgeous raspberry cheesecake, to a classic New York cheesecake, there is something suitable for any dinner party or after dinner treat.
  • Vegan tiramisu – Now something for the coffee lovers. This iconic Italian dessert has had a vegan friendly makeover. You simply have to swap the cream with coconut milk or cashew cream for the same delicious flavours that you love, just made with plant-based ingredients. Why not make our warming Pumpkin Spiced Latte to wash it down with?
  • Vegan apple crumble – Whether it sparks memories of your grandmother’s cooking, or the school cafeteria, we can all agree that an apple crumble makes us feel all warm inside. Made with the natural sweetness of the apple, and a vegan butter replacement like coconut oil or even mashed avocado, you can whip up this staple dessert in no time! Oh and don’t forget the dairy-free custard! What can be better than a lovely warm bowl of apple crumble? Eating it on the go of course! Try our fruity Apple Crumble Lunchies Bar for a gorgeous twist on this classic British dessert.
  • Vegan afternoon tea – Why don’t you put all of these recipes together in one delightful afternoon tea? Simply serve bitesize versions of the above desserts with gorgeous vegan sandwiches and a soya scone for the perfect sunday afternoon treat!

Looking for more foodie inspiration? Check out our nākd. recipes for some delicious vegan desserts to make for your friends and family.

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