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Vegan Festival Snacks

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Festival season is in full swing! Most people go to enjoy the music, but the real foodies know that the festival snacks are just as good! After all, the only thing better than watching your favourite artist in the sunshine is having a snack in your hand as well! Here are just some of the delicious, vegan festival snacks to enjoy this summer!

Best festival snacks

1.Chips – We’ve got to start with the basics. You can’t go wrong with a good portion of chips with a delicious dipping sauce. They are the perfect hand held snack for vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters alike – so you can all head to the same food truck! The only thing to argue about is what sauce? Ketchup is the classic but why not try something a little experimental if they have it! After all, festivals are all about new experiences!

2. Vegan Pizza – Good news for vegans everywhere, vegan pizza is becoming much more common! Most festivals should have a plant-based option as it is ingrained in their roots – most hippies were vegan you know! A pizza is also typically large and filling and therefore good if you are on a budget as you can split it between friends!

3. nākd. Raw Bar – Another way to save your coins is by bringing snacks with you. Our nākd. vegan snacks bars are the perfect hand held snack for a festival. With no added sugar, and made with 100% natural ingredients, they can be a nice break from some of the fast food. Whether you eat your nākd. bar whilst standing in the crowd, or in the car on your way there, they make for the perfect company!

4. Tortilla chips – One of the easiest, hand held snacks are tortilla chips (also known as corn chips due to their base ingredient of corn). Good news, they are also gluten free (like our nakd bars), so can be passed around the friendship group! You can eat these plain like crisps, bring a dip like salsa, or see if a food van is selling nachos for a real treat!

5. Vegan hot dog – Is there any food more symbolic of a festival than the humble hot dog. Thanks to the rise of plant-based sausages, vegan hot dogs are a lot easier to come by than they used to be! You could either bring your own by grabbing some hot dog buns and pre-cooking the sausages before wrapping them in tin foil, or you could buy them at the festival. For example, Stella McCartney had her own food stall at Glastonbury 2022.

6. Vegan pie – Is there anything more British than a pie? These handheld wonders are sold at stadiums up and down the country, and they’ve reached festivals too! The best thing about a pie is the variety of gorgeous fillings they come in. From a standard mushroom pie, to a delicious Indian inspired pie full of spices and flavour, there will be something that takes your fancy.

7. Churros – If you fancy something a little sweet then churros are the snack for you! They are a type of fried dough that hails from Spain, typically served with a chocolate dipping sauce. The original recipe for churros are inherently vegan, but always check the ingredients before tucking in.

8. Cauliflower Wings – Wings are a festival snack staple! Vegans can now get in on the action thanks to the rise of cauliflower wings. These delightfully, playful wings are a great plant based alternative. They come in a variety of flavours from BBQ, to sticky sesame, or buffalo if you like heat! They occasionally get served with a dipping sauce so bring some napkins because things could get messy.

9. Falafel Salad – For a healthier option, perfect for lunchtime, why not have a falafel salad. This could easily be made at home and packed in a storage container. Just grab a fork, find a nice quiet spot, and sit and eat whilst listening to the music. Or keep an eye out for the food trucks serving falafel. These are becoming increasingly popular and may have a greater range of delicious vegan food to enjoy!

10. Slushie – After all that delicious food you are going to need something to wash it down. A slushy should do just the trick! Ice cold, gorgeously sweet, and perfectly refreshing – what more could you ask for? They typically come in a whole host of flavours from a lemon slushie, to blueberry or strawberry, or you could even mix flavours if you’re feeling crazy. What better way to cool down in the summer sun?!

So to wrap up, you will have a great time at your music festival if you plan accordingly. Food can be expensive, so our biggest piece of advice for you is to bring snacks. If you have a cooler, stick it in the car and stock up on food. Just be sure to drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration. We hope this list helps you prepare for your festival weekend!

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