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Christmas is all about the food! But it can focus a lot around the meaty aspects of a Christmas dinner which, if you’re following a vegan diet, can be a bit off putting. But don’t worry, we’re here to help! We’ve assembled some scrumptious vegan Christmas recipe tips to help you get through the festive season!

Following a plant-based vegan diet is tasty, exciting and fantastic for your body, but sometimes Christmas can be a little difficult, even for the most dedicated and practiced vegans among us. There’s a Christmas lunch to be had with all your pals, work dos and obviously the traditional family gatherings – all with food at the centre of it.

But with these tips, nothing could be easier! Your vegan Christmas will now taste even better than ever.

Vegan Christmas Cooking Tips

  • Your staple is going to be the Christmas vegetables so make sure to double up on your veg box order! It’s important to embrace the seasonal produce that is around at this time of year. Stock up with a wide variety of vegetables such as beetroot, cabbage, onion, courgettes, squashes, pumpkin, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, swede, parsnips, and of course… Brussels sprouts!
  • To max out on the nutrients in food during cooking, avoid boiling vegetables. Why not try lightly steaming, roasting or frying instead!
  • Cooking with a variety of herbs and spices such as thyme, rosemary, ginger, fennel, cumin, cardamom, or coriander can give your Christmas recipe a bit of pizazz! It also aids digestion and even adds healing and therapeutic properties to the food – definitely useful for getting through a family get together!
  • Branch out with your vegan Christmas recipe and consider a large mixed salad for starters. You’ll be amazed at how many people enjoy tucking into a colourful and delicious salad – even in the winter! Grating raw winter vegetables such as squash, beetroot, pumpkin, celeriac or turnip keeps your salad full of flavour. These raw salads taste amazing with a tasty oil and vinegar-based dressing, or Tamari. Hemp oil is another great oil to use cold, and adds some essential omega-3 fats to the dish. Adding cider vinegar or lemon juice to salads also helps to stimulate digestion – important at a time of overindulgence!
  • If you fancy something a bit warmer, why not try making a hearty homemade vegetable soup? Homemade soups using root vegetables, beans and leafy greens, are cleansing, filling, and perfect for times when we want to eat “lightly”, but want something warm and nourishing too.
  • Keep a good supply of fresh fruits available to snack on, and to begin the day with. Fresh fruit is the ideal start to any day. Clementines and oranges are the perfect Christmas fruity treat! You can also leave freshly cracked nuts in bowls for people to enjoy, such as pecans, almonds, or walnuts.

And there you have it. Follow the above tips for your perfect vegan Christmas! You never know, you might convert some family members on the way!

If you’re after some festive vegan snacks then look no further then our yummy Gingerbread fruit and nut bar. Or why not try our gorgeous plant based recipes like our Vegan Gingerbread House Cake?!

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