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The Magical Uses of Magnesium

Foods high in magnesium like banana, eggs, avocados and nuts

Magnesium is a naturally occurring mineral that helps our bodies convert food into energy. It also supports the normal functioning of the body from muscle function, to stablising blood pressure and building strong and healthy bones.

The NHS recommends 270mg a day for women and 300mg a day for men. Good news for vegans everywhere as there are some great plant based sources of magnesium. This article will highlight foods high in magnesium, as well as the many uses this magic mineral can have for our health and well-being!

Magnesium and sleep

Firstly, this nutrient can help regulate our sleep cycle. Low levels of magnesium have been linked to sleep deprivation and other health conditions like insomnia. This has led to an uptake in magnesium becoming a popular natural sleeping remedy.

If you are struggling to have a good night’s rest then checkout our article on How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep for even more advice and natural sleeping remedies.

Magnesium for migraines

Magnesium may help to relieve the pain of headaches and prevent migraines. Those who suffer from migraines have lower levels of magnesium in their blood and tissue. These low levels can restrict blood vessels and affect neurotransmitters which causes migraines. One study found a significant reduction in migraine attacks for those upping their magnesium intake compared to those in the placebo group. Furthermore, migraines can be a symptom of premenstrual syndrome which magnesium has also been found to reduce the symptoms of.

Magnesium and anxiety

Magnesium can not only be used to benefit our physical health, but our mental well-being as well. It has been found to help those who suffer with low mood disorders like depression and anxiety. For example, one study found that low levels of magnesium may be linked to high levels of anxiety. However, like with most topics surrounding mental health, further research needs to be done in this area.

Magnesium and bone health

It is important to keep our bones happy and healthy in all stages of life. This amazing mineral has been found to do just that in a number of different ways. People with a higher intake of magnesium have greater bone density which can help protect against bone fractures and lower the risks of osteoporosis – a health condition that weakens bones.

Calcium and Vitamin D have also been linked to healthy bones. Checkout our articles on Vegan Calcium Sources and Natural Sources of Vitamin D to learn how you can get a good amount of these vital vitamins and minerals.

Magnesium and blood pressure

Magnesium is just one of the many minerals that are important for regulating blood pressure. Although this process happens naturally, some people with a magnesium deficiency can look to manage their blood pressure levels through food sources of magnesium. For example, a review of 200,000 people found that an increase in dietary magnesium lowered the risk of high blood pressure by 5%.

Foods high in magnesium

There’s a wide range of vegan, magnesium rich foods that you can incorporate into a plant based diet. We have created a little list of these foods for you to add to your shopping list:

  • Bananas – 27 mg in 100 grams serving. If you go bananas for this clever fruit then you’ll love our Nakd Banoffee Pie vegan snack bar.
  • Spinach – 157 mg in one cup of boiled spinach.
  • Tofu – 30mg in 100 grams serving.
  • Avocado – 29mg. One of the latest vegan food trends for a reason, it has a whole host of uses and health benefits!
  • Brown rice – 43mg in 100 grams serving.
  • Cashews – 292 mg in 100 grams serving. This yummy nutrient packed nut is a key ingredient in many of our vegan bars like our Nakd Cashew Cookie bar.
  • Lentils – 36mg in 100 grams serving.
  • Chickpeas – 115mg in 100 grams serving.
  • Pumpkin seeds – 262mg in 100 grams serving. Love pumpkin? Have a go at making our Vegan Pumpkin Spiced Latte.
  • Buckwheat – 75mg in 100 grams serving.

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