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Natural Cold and Flu Remedies

natural cold and flu remedies

As we start to settle well and truly into these winter months, it’s time to think about making sure our immune systems are well taken care of with some cold and flu remedies. Being out in the cold and going out for the (not so) occasional Christmas tipple means that we’re more impervious to getting any nasty bugs going around. And after the past couple of years, it’s now clearer than ever that we need to make sure we look after our immune systems and do our best not to pass any colds on to others. That’s why we’ve come up with some natural cold and flu remedies to make sure you stay fighting fit during the winter months.

Hot drinks

We all know the importance of a nice hot drink on a winter’s day as it makes you feel super toasty from the inside out. But there are plenty of other benefits as well, including soothing a sore throat or clearing out your sinuses. Take a look at some of the best hot drinks we’ve found that are perfect natural cold and flu remedies:

  • Lemon and honey – there’s nothing wrong with a classic lemon and honey hot drink! Honey is soothing and can help ease the pain of a sore throat – although to make sure you’re getting all the top notch benefits, you should be using raw unfiltered honey. Lemons are full of vitamin C which benefit your immune system alongside many other benefits which you can find here.
  • Golden milk – this is also called a turmeric latte and has been used for centuries as a warming and healing hot drink. Made up of an alternative milk of your choice, half a spoon of turmeric, half a spoon of ginger and some honey or maple syrup for sweetness, this hot drink will help strengthen your immune system. Find out more about the health benefits of turmeric in our blog here.
  • Apple cider vinegar tea – apple cider vinegar is well known for its ability to banish harmful bacteria as well as working as an aid against dry skin conditions which makes it perfect for the winter months. Simply add two spoons of apple cider vinegar to hot water with a dash of honey (and some cayenne pepper if you’re feeling brave) and enjoy!
  • Spiced chai tea – black tea naturally contains antioxidants and spices such as cloves and cinnamon have antiviral properties as well as antioxidants making this the perfect hot drink to support your immune system – and it tastes great too!
  • Thyme tea – this is a super simple hot drink that will help ease any cold and flu symptoms – just put a couple of sprigs of thyme in hot water and you’re ready! Thyme has been used to help treat a nasty cough making it the perfect remedy if you’re already feeling under the weather.

Cold remedy foods

It’s not just a nice hot drink that can ease the symptoms of cold and flu, there are plenty of foods out there that can help you feel better too.

  • Garlic – although we add this to our food all the time as a flavouring agent, garlic actually has some great healing properties too. There is a study that shows us that it helped reduce the symptoms of a cold as well as improving immunity. Next time you cook, why not add a little extra into your food – you can also just swallow a bulb whole if you fancy giving it a go!
  • Yogurt – yogurts with live cultures in them have been shown to boost your immune system as well as helping to soothe a sore throat.
  • Fruits high in vitamin C – vitamin C is the top vitamin we need when it comes to our immune health. Some fruits containing high levels of vitamin C are: citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons, strawberries and tomatoes. To find out more about what vitamins you need, check out our vitamins blog here.
  • Leafy greens – leafy green veggies such as spinach and kale contain high levels of vitamin C & E which is another vitamin that can help boost your immune system. Eating these throughout your illness should make you feel a lot stronger and more resilient.
  • Oatmeal – surprisingly enough, oatmeal is a great food to boost immune health. It also contains vitamin E and as it’s warm and filling, it’s the perfect food choice for when you’re feeling under the weather.

Now you can stock your cupboards up ready for the cold winter months ahead knowing that you’re ready to tackle whatever illness tries to come your way. For more info on how to keep your immune system in tip top condition, check out our other blog on How to Strengthen Your Immune System.

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