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Hearty Vegan Winter Meals

Bowl of pumpkin soup for the perfect vegan winter meal

At nākd. we can’t think of anything better than tucking into a warming meal on a cold winter’s day, so we’ve decided to pull together some vegan winter meals for you to try! From gorgeous winter soups, to delightful seasonal puddings, this blog will take you from breakfast through to dinner with snacks in between! As if that wasn’t enough, there might be some delicious nākd. bars to enjoy on the way…

Winter breakfast ideas:

  • Vegan kedgeree – Kedgeree is a traditional dish made from curried rice. It typically contains fish, however can be easily swapped with chickpeas or tofu for a vegan alternative. This hearty meal is perfect for a weekend breakfast or brunch to keep you fuelled for the day ahead!
  • Baked oats – Looking for something filling, warm and delectable? Then look no further than baked oats. Full of fibre and protein they are a great way to start the day. From banana, to chocolate or berries, you can make a yummy batch of baked oats in any flavour you like!

Or for something truly delicious why not try our Sweet Potato Toast or Chocolate Orange Pancakes.

Winter lunch ideas:

  • Winter Warming Pumpkin Stew – The usual sandwiches, pastas and salads can be somewhat unsatisfying in the winter – sometimes you just need something hot to tuck into instead! What better than a gorgeous pumpkin stew, full of winter flavours and spices to keep your family warm and fed!
  • Hearty vegetable soup – It wouldn’t be winter without soup for lunch. This flavoursome bowl of goodness is enough to warm any soul. If you make homemade soup then you know every ingredient that goes into it to avoid any added sugars or additives. Instead, you will be left with just the nutritious vegetables or lentils which can be great for boosting your immune system to fight those harsh, colder days.

Winter dinner ideas:

  • Vegan Black Bean Chilli – What could be more warming than a chilli? Well with this vegan twist, you’re sure to enjoy it even more with the fantastic mix of healthy vegan contents! Black turtle beans act as the hearty centrepiece to this dish alongside a wealth of warming ingredients such as cinnamon, chilli powder and tamari sauce. It also includes our very own nākd. Cocoa Delight bar in the mix. Top tip: serve up with some delicious tortilla chips and guacamole containing one of our favourite veggies – avocado!
  • Casserole with dairy-free dumplings – Is there anything better than sharing a casserole with your family on a cold winter’s evening? Better yet, it can be full of nutritious ingredients like lentils, herbs and a variety of vibrant veggies to make it healthier. But the real star of the show is delicious dumplings which can be made vegan by swapping the milk with a plant based alternative and using vegetable suet.

Warming desserts:

  • nākd. bars – Did you know that our nākd. bars are beautifully soft when warmed up a little? They develop into a lovely cakey consistency! Simply remove the packaging, place in the microwave for around 30 seconds, then serve on its own or beside a dollop of dairy-free yoghurt or ice cream.
  • Christmas pudding – Good news for Christmas pudding lovers everywhere, you can find vegan versions of this festive dessert in most shops or make them yourself! Simply use plant-based ingredients like dairy-free margarine or coconut oil to recreate the classic taste you love. Oh, and don’t forget to flambé with some gorgeous brandy for an extra bit of theatre at the dinner table.

There we have it! A list of some gorgeous vegan winter meals to keep you warm during the cold season. To discover more vegan treats all year round, be sure to head our recipe page for some inspiration. Or for more foodie blogs read our articles on Immune Boosting Foods and Veganuary Recipes.

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