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Halloween Snack Ideas For Vegans

Wooden tray of Halloween snacks

The nights are getting darker, the wolves are howling, and there is a deathly chill in the air which can only mean one thing – spooky season is upon us. There’s no better way to celebrate than with an epic Halloween party! All you have to do is sort out your costume and we will cover the food with our list of terrifyingly good Halloween snack ideas…

1.Banana Ghosts

Yes you heard that right. These potassium filled wonders actually make the perfect shape for a ghost. Just cut the bananas in half and then pipe on some vegan chocolate eyes and a round mouth to make a creepy face. Then you have one spookily delicious, healthy snack that the kids will love!

Love bananas? Then we have the perfect vegan snack bar for you! Try our devilishly good Nakd Banoffee Pie bar to be well and truly mind blown!

2.Halloween Popcorn

This time of year you can usually pick up halloween popcorn in the shops, but to ensure it’s vegan friendly why not have a go at making your own? Simply pick the flavour you want whether sickly sweet, spookily salty or terrifying toffee! Then you can grab some food colouring and turn your popcorn a ghoulish colour like bright green or red. Or you could add a seasonal flavour to your popcorn to make it a bit more halloweeny like pumpkin spice. Then mix your popcorn with other vegan sweet treats for the ultimate trick and mix.

3.Apple Monsters

Have you ever noticed that an apple slice looks like a monster’s mouth? Don’t worry it’s not the first thing you see, but with a little creativity you can make something spooktacular. Simply cut an apple into 4 large quarters. Then cut a line down the middle of one slice to make a mouth – be careful not to cut all the way through. You can then fill the mouth with delicious goodies like vegan peanut butter or nuts to look like teeth, or simply add two edible eyes to create a monster face. Voila! These fun, spooky snacks are sure to put a few smiles on your little monster’s faces!

4.Halloween Veggie Tray

The best thing about vegetables is not only that they are packed full of nutrients, but that they come in all different colours – perfect for making fun designs! Just get some carrots, celery, cucumber, peppers, beans, whatever you fancy and start playing around to see what you can make. We recommend chopping your chosen veg into dipping sticks and organising them in the shape of a skeleton. You can even use a gorgeous vegan dip like hummus for the head!

5.Celery and Orange Pumpkins

Great news if you’re looking for easy halloween snacks to make, clementines already look like pumpkins. They are orange, round and even have those pumpkin like curves thanks to the segments. All you need to do is chop up a bit of celery for the stalk and you’ve got yourself a healthy halloween treat that looks like it took a lot of effort – but your secret is safe with us!

6.Halloween Biscuits

Biscuits are a party snack staple and these halloween treats have been given a spooky makeover! The best thing about them is that you only need cupboard ingredients to whip up a delicious batch. We recommend adding some festive spices like ginger or pumpkin for the ultimate autumn flavours. Then grab some icing and pipe on your terrorific designs. You could go classic like a spider web, or cut out some fun shapes to make bat or ghost shaped biscuits.

7.Mummified Strawberries

Chocolate covered strawberries have never looked so good! Simply take some melted white or vanilla vegan chocolate and drizzle it over gorgeous fresh strawberries to create the look of a mummy’s bandages. Then add some edible eyes out of icing or the remainder of your chocolate to really bring your strawberry mummies to life!

For more strawberry goodness try our Nakd Strawberry Sundae gluten-free bar.

8.Halloween Peppers

Stuffed peppers are one of the most yummy snacks out there! You can put a spooky twist on this classic vegan dish by turning your bell peppers into something truly terrifying. You can even get the kids involved and make different creatures using edible goodies like red peppers for the tongue, or peas for the eyes. Or you could keep it simple and buy an orange bell pepper and add a stalk for another easy pumpkin snack. The possibilities are endless so let your imagination run wild!

9.Halloween Pizzas

Pizzas are perfect for sharing, and your guests will be fighting for a slice of our frightfully good halloween pizzas. Using gluten free flour for the pizza base and vegan cheese you can start playing around with the designs. You can make mini pizzas in the shape of mummies using the cheese to look like bandages. Or you could get creative and melt the cheese to look like ghosts, using olives as eyes.

10.Nakd Snack Bars

When the trick or treaters come knocking at your door, treat them to something special by putting a Nakd bar or two in their goodie bags! Just in time for Halloween we have launched our brand new Lunchies snack bars for kids! Perfect for the little ones looking for a treat!

There we have it! Some delicious, vegan halloween snacks for you to sink your vampire teeth into. For more foodie inspiration check out our blogs on Vegan Christmas Cooking Tips and Vegan Smoothie Recipe Ideas.

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