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Gluten-Free Snack Ideas

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There are many reasons why you might follow a gluten-free diet. One of the main reasons is for your health. For example, you may be gluten intolerant, or those with coeliac disease need to avoid gluten because their immune system reacts badly to it.

However, the gluten-free diet is one that anyone can follow, and is starting to become a growing wellness trend. We’ve got some amazing gluten-free snack ideas to help you get started.

What is Gluten-Free?

Simply put, a gluten-free diet avoids foods with gluten. Gluten is a mixture of proteins found in the likes of wheat, barley and rye. These ingredients are used to make a whole host of snack staples like bread, cereal, pasta and more. However, there has been a huge surge in gluten-free alternatives to your favourite food. You just have to make sure you spot the gluten-free symbol on the product.

Here are just some of the few gluten-free foods you can sink your teeth into…

1.Nakd Gluten-Free Bars

Firstly, you can enjoy our very own Nakd products! Everything we make is gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan friendly so that everyone can enjoy our snacks! From our gorgeous fruit and nut bars made with the finest natural ingredients, to our vegan chocolate bars in the Nakd Chocolish range – there is something for everyone!

Why not try our brand new Almond Macaroon bar, or our classic vegan bars like Blueberry Muffin or Berry Delight?!

2. Gluten-Free Oats

‘Pure’ oats are often regarded as gluten-free. This means that they haven’t been contaminated by other grains that do contain gluten such as barley. Therefore, even though oats are genuinely considered safe for those with a gluten intolerance it is always best to check the labelling to make sure there is no cross contamination with gluten.

Want to know how to incorporate oats into your plant based diet? Take a look at some of our gorgeous vegan recipes like our Vegan Banoffee Pie Overnight Oats or Lemon Drizzle Overnight Oats. You can also have oats in a range of filling, vegan snacks like oatmeal made with dairy-free milk and topped with gorgeous fresh fruit.

3. Gluten-Free Cake

Sometimes it can feel like you’re missing out on all the good stuff if you have an intolerance or allergy to something, but not anymore! There have been huge strides in food development in creating delicious, gluten-free alternatives to food staples, so that you can enjoy them all. And cake is no exception…

You could have a slice of gluten-free birthday cake or any three tiered cake for a great sweet treat to go with a nice cup of tea. You can find these in stores or cafes, or try making them at home yourself using gluten-free flour. Have a go at baking our Bunny in the Bush Gluten-Free Cupcakes and see for yourself!

4. Gluten-Free Bread

When you’re feeling peckish and haven’t got much in the house, bread is a great go to option for a quick snack. You can do so much with this cupboard staple as it comes in a variety of different products…

You could grab a gluten-free bagel and have either a sweet topping like chocolate spread and banana, or savoury like hummus, avocado or tomato. Another snack option is a British classic like beans on toast! Or if you fancy something a little healthier try avocado on toast.

5. Gluten-Free Biscuits

We are a nation of biscuit lovers, and that doesn’t have to change if you can’t eat gluten! There are a wide variety of biscuits free from gluten that you can dip into your cup of tea or have with your morning coffee. Why not pair it with our Vegan Pumpkin Spice Latte for the ultimate afternoon snack? From brands launching alternatives to their products like gluten-free Oreos, to gluten-free cookies you can whip up at home, you are spoilt for choice!

6. Quinoa

Quinoa is an amazing alternative to rice for those who are sensitive to gluten. It can be easily incorporated into any lunch snack that has rice in the recipe like a quick quinoa stir fry. You can also try quinoa chips, which are like crisps except not potato based, or even quinoa snack bars! To get your head around this versatile grain, why not start with our easy Strawberry Quinoa Salad recipe.

7. Gluten-Free Crackers

There’s a wide variety of crackers that are free from gluten, which make the perfect base for any snack. You can top them with avocado or sun blushed tomatoes for a gorgeous vegan cracker recipe. Or you can make a light cheese board, using vegan cheese of course!

There are also gluten-free rice cakes that work just as well! Simply use the same topping you would on a cracker for a quick, light snack!

8. Gluten-Free Pizza

You can now get gluten-free pizza bases, made from special flour. Although a whole large pizza might be a bit much for a light snack, you could enjoy a slice or two to see you through the day. Or you could buy mini pizzas topped with great vegan pizza toppings like tomato, peppers, onions, mushrooms, or pineapple if you’re feeling controversial!

Good news, it is easier than ever to get a delicious pizza delivered to your door. Take a look at some of the best vegan food to order from delivery apps for some more foodie inspiration.

There we have it! A round up of some of the best gluten-free snacks for you to enjoy. For even more amazing food blogs check our blogs on the Benefits of Omega 3 acids or Are Lemons Good For You?

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