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Dairy-Free Snack Ideas To Enjoy

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There are lots of different reasons why people are dairy-free. They could be lactose intolerant (allergic to dairy), or be vegan and choose not to eat dairy based products. There’s often a misconception that those who don’t eat dairy are missing out, but that’s simply not the case! With the rise of dairy alternatives and plant based products hitting the markets, there are lots of delicious dairy-free snacks to eat. We’ve rounded up a few gorgeous snacks to get your belly rumbling!

10 Dairy-free snacks:

1. Dairy-free crisps – Dairy isn’t always an obvious ingredient. Some of our favourite snacks contain dairy which makes them not suitable for vegans or those with allergies. Crisps are sadly one of those snacks. Luckily most of your favourite brands have at least one flavour that is dairy-free so always check the packaging for the ingredient lists. There are also a whole host of vegetable crisps which are typically vegan, meaning they also do not contain dairy.

2. Coconut yoghurt – For the perfect light breakfast, or afternoon snack, try coconut yoghurt. Similar to its dairy counterpart, coconut yoghurt contains a great amount of vitamins, minerals and probiotics, for the ultimate healthy treat. You can eat it on its own or top with oats and fruits for another burst of flavour.

3. Nut butter – There are a million uses for nut butter so it’s always best to keep some in your house! It’s the perfect, dairy-free spread to put on toast, or can be used as a baking ingredient, or even as the base of stir frys. Whether you’re going sweet or savoury one thing is for sure, this creamy, earthy vegan snack, is utterly divine.

4. Dairy-free chocolate – There has been a huge rise in dairy-free chocolate. There’s even dairy-free Easter Eggs! This means you never have to miss out. Especially if you’re new to veganism, you’ll be happy to know you don’t have to give up your favourite snack! From oat milk chocolate, to our very own nākd. Chocolish bars, there are a whole host of gorgeous snacks to satisfy your chocolate cravings.

5. Pea hummus – Everyone has heard of hummus by now. This gorgeous dip is taking over the world! But have you ever tried pea hummus? Made with, you guessed it, yummy garden peas, this vegetable based dip is a must have. Just grab some crackers, dip in, and enjoy!

6. Crispy tofu – If you’re dairy-free then soy based products like tofu are your best friend. Some people are scared of tofu, but you just have to learn how to treat this amazing product properly. With a good bit of seasoning and a perfectly crisp outside, you can transform tofu into a scrumptious, finger licking treat!

7. Dairy-free ice cream – You are probably wondering how a famously dairy based snack like ice cream can be dairy-free? Thanks to huge strides in the dairy-free movement there are actually lots of delicious ice cream products on offer. All you have to do is look for ice creams that use a vegan milk alternative like coconut milk, soy milk, or almond milk. You can even whip up a batch of dairy-free ice cream at home if you’re feeling creative!

8. Marshmallows – Yes, you read that right, marshmallows are dairy-free! They are made with three simple ingredients of sugar, water and gelatin. To make them vegan, swap the gelatin for aquafaba, and voila, you’ve got a great vegan snack perfect for camping or any outdoor adventure.

9. Apple crisps – You could just eat an apple raw and there’s nothing wrong with that, but why not try a fun twist on your favourite fruit? Apple crisps are so easy to make, and are a great snack for kids. They are simply slices of apple that have been baked and cooled until they crisp up. All you need to do is season with the flavour of your choice like gorgeous cinnamon and enjoy!

10. nākd. bars – Did you know that all our nākd. bars are dairy-free? Better yet, they’re also vegan, gluten-free and made with 100% natural ingredients. So whether you’re in the mood for something chocolatey or fruity, you can pick up any nākd. raw bar to satisfy your craving. The hardest part is choosing what one!

There we have it! 10 utterly delicious vegan snacks for those who don’t eat dairy. No more checking the ingredients or missing out because you can’t eat them, all these snacks are catered for you. Now all you gotta do is try them. Whether you’ve got a hankering for a nākd. bar, or fancy cooling down with a dairy-free ice cream, we hope you enjoy all these wondrous dairy-free delights.

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