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Christmas Snack Ideas

assortment of vegan christmas snacks

With Christmas quick on our heels it can be difficult to keep kids healthy, especially when the majority of Christmas snacks are loaded with sugar. But don’t fret – our collection of delicious treats are a healthy alternative! And even better, they make an easy and fun activity for you and your kids. That means that the only tricky thing you need to worry about this year is decorating your Christmas tree.

Frozen Banana Snowmen

These delicious delights are not only an ideal healthy Christmas snack, but incredibly fun to make. First, cut the bananas into thick slices. Then peel a carrot and cut into small triangles to create a pointy nose. Cut some strawberries in half for the festive Santa hats. Finally, thread 3 banana slices onto a skewer and assemble the hat and nose.
A big fan of bananas? Then why not try our perfectly scrumptious vegan Nakd Banoffee Pie bar.

Christmas Cornflake Wreaths

The perfect treat for a Christmas party, or just for some cheeky evening snacks. These Christmas cornflake wreaths are delightfully simple to make. For this you’ll need cornflakes, vegan alternative butter, vegan marshmallows, and green food colouring. First melt the butter and marshmallows into a saucepan. Once that is done stir in the food colouring. Add your cornflakes into a bowl, mix together and then shape into individual wreaths. Then decorate your Christmas wreaths with some vegan sweet treats.

Peanut Butter Reindeer Sticks

Love making Christmas treats? Well these peanut butter reindeer sticks are a perfect snack for you and your kids. They’re easy to make, and even easier to munch on! All you need to do is slather the peanut butter into the celery ribs, break some pretzels in half to use as antlers, add a raspberry for the nose along with some googly eyes and you have your very own reindeer.

Christmas Tree Pizzas

Christmas is for sharing, and what better way to share than vegan Christmas tree pizzas? Using some vegan gluten free flour for the pizza base, and vegan cheese along with some herbs and garlic you can start playing with designs. We highly recommend forming the dough into balls and putting them together to make a Christmas tree shape before decorating with veggies and vegan cheese for the ultimate festive snack.

Strawberry Santa’s

Strawberries have never looked so good! These easy to make Strawberry Santa’s are guaranteed to be your staple festive snack. Start off by simply cutting the top third of each strawberry and place aside. Mix the vegan cream cheese and icing sugar. Next spoon 1 teaspoon of cream onto the berry and place the top third on top. Dash some little bits of cream on the tip for the pompom and onto the chest of the strawberry. Finally add some vegan chocolate buttons for eyes.
For more strawberry goodness try our Nakd Strawberry Sundae gluten-free bar.

Christmas Crunch Popcorn

This time of year you can usually pick up Christmas themed popcorn in the shops, but why not have a go at making your own? All you need is a simple little kitchen, and some easy to grab ingredients to go with your popcorn such as pretzels, Christmas sprinkles and maybe some cinnamon and sugar to dust over the top. You can even melt some delightfully vegan white chocolate and mix the lot together.

Christmas Biscuits

The smell of hot Christmas biscuits baking in the oven is the most comforting reminder that the holiday season is just around the corner. The best thing about them is that you only need basic biscuit ingredients to whip up a delicious batch. We recommend adding some festive spices like ginger and cinnamon for the best winter flavours. Then grab some icing and pipe on your festive designs. You could go with staples such as Santa, or you could cut out some fun shapes to make a Christmas tree or snowman shaped biscuits!

Reindeer Pretzels

These reindeer pretzels are a delicious holiday treat! The best thing about this Christmas treat (besides the taste of course) is that they are super quick and easy to make. All you need are some pretzel twists, vegan chocolate, small edible eye candies and throw in some red buttons for the nose to really bring your reindeer to life!
For more chocolatey greatness try our Nakd Double Chocolish bar.

Christmas Veggie Tray

Why not pack your Christmas with nutritious vegetables of all different shapes and colours. All you need are some carrots, sprouts, broccoli, and parsnips, and whatever else you fancy. We highly recommend organizing your broccoli and sprouts to look like a Christmas tree, and chopping your carrots, and parsnips into strips to use as makeshift tinsel.

If you’re in need of some more kids snack inspiration then why not take a look at our Kids Snack Ideas for Vegans blog?

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