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At Home Date Night Ideas

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Dating can be difficult at the best times but nothing has tested the dating game more than the year 2020. Everything has been put on hold: travelling, careers and even going to the pub. But this doesn’t mean your dating life has to be put on hold (unless you want it to, of course!). Nothing brings out creativity like restrictions so it’s time to put your creative hats on! Or if you’re still stuck, you could just take a peek at the below for some date night idea inspiration.

Date Nights With a Difference

1. Coffee Date

Let’s start off with an easy date night idea – why not take your coffee date and make it virtual over a video call! This one should even be possible for all the technophobes out there, get your favourite mug out and have a good chat to get to know one another.

If you want to make your coffee date a bit more fancy, why not try our vegan pumpkin spice latte recipe? It’s a delicious, autumnal and (most importantly) vegan treat that is bound to give you a little confidence boost during your date!

2. Movie Night In

Cinema dates are always a good idea. You get to know what kind of films your date likes and have a whole movie worth of stuff to chat about after – perfect! And it’s super easy to turn it into a virtual date night idea…

There are so many ways to watch movies these days – streaming, on demand or a good old fashioned DVD. If it’s a first date, you can video chat at the same time, or you could just stick to a phone call if you’re self conscious about the amount of popcorn you’ll be eating. After all, it wouldn’t be the same cinematic experience without the snacks!

Why not try our gorgeous Strawberry Sundae or Banoffee Pie fruit and nut bars for the ultimate sweet cinema snack!

3. Quiz Night at Home

Pub quizzes are a British staple and these are just as easy to create at home! Just get some questions from the internet or hunt through the trivia games you have lying around and put your partner’s knowledge to the test. This date night idea is bound to bring out your competitive side!

If you don’t live together then video calls are a lifesaver. You can take it in turns to quiz each other and see who gets the most points. If it all goes well, you could even turn it into a quiz championship with other teams as a great way to meet the friends. This could be the beginning of something special, but don’t worry we’ll only take half the credit for the best virtual date night idea ever! If you’re stuck for ideas, check out this list of 300 general knowledge questions to get you started!

4. Games Night

This next at home date night idea is along a similar vein – you could either play at home together or turn it into a virtual games night. A word to the wise though: proceed with caution if you’re competitively inclined! There’s a plethora of games out there to choose from. You could go intense and do an escape room, you could put your art skills to the test and play Pictionary or you could go classic and play Scrabble together (either online or on your phone). The board game world is your oyster!

Date Night Recipes

A date night wouldn’t be complete without the food! Food is a vital part of our lives and can be a great thing to bond over – especially if you’ve found a fellow vegan diet fanatic! Why not put your partner’s cooking skills to the test? Have cook off with some delicious vegan ingredients like who can make the best vegan pizza, or vegan burger.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth then a vegan bake off is a fun date night idea. If you’re a bit stuck with where to start, don’t panic! We’ve got your vegan date night recipes covered:

  • Date nights are all about the dessert and we have some absolute winners for you. First up, the classic brownie has been given a peanut butter makeover! These delectable vegan peanut butter brownies will impress even the toughest of critics.
  • If it’s your own cooking skills you might be doubting, why not go for a more simple date night recipe and try this vegan berry knickerbocker glory recipe! This ice cold treat takes a mere 15 minutes to make but makes no sacrifices on flavour.
  • If you think love might be in the air, why not try these super cute vegan strawberry cheesecakes? These vegan cheesecakes are filled to the brim with strawberry goodness and are even shaped like little hearts – perfect for if you’re looking to send a not so subtle signal! Not only will this date night recipe impress your prospective partner but they taste incredible too. Vegan strawberry cheesecake and romance? The winning combination!

There we have it! Everything you need for the perfect date night at home. From the food to the entertainment, we’ve got you covered. The romance we’ll leave up to you!

If you’re in need of more foodie inspiration why not check out our blogs on immune-boosting foods and even more vegan BBQ recipes!

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