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Working From Home Tips You Need to Know

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With remote working on the rise, more and more of us are beginning to adopt the agile working lifestyle. But crossing these boundaries between work life and home life does not come without challenges. We’ve compiled some simple working from home tips you can follow to ensure you can maintain that work life balance!

Keep a routine

When your normal routine is thrown out of whack it can seem hard to maintain structure. However, there are simple steps you can take to get yourself into a work mindset.

Although you’re not going anywhere, get dressed! Not necessarily in your normal work suit, just something smarter than your pyjamas. This will help you mentally prepare for a typical day of work. And remember to have breakfast in the morning. This will boost your brain function and attention span ready for a day of productivity.

Try and keep to your standard work hours. Now that you don’t have a train to catch it can be easy to carry on working past 5pm. It’s important to keep time for yourself to relax in the evening for your physical and emotional well being. Don’t feel like you have to answer every email on your mobile phone, there will always be tomorrow!

Separate spaces

Just like the office is for working and the home is for relaxing it is vital to keep these spaces separate.

Laying in bed or being sprawled on the sofa is not going to get you geared up and ready for a day’s work. Also, if you have a stressful day whilst working on your sofa, that will longer be your safe space to go and unwind.

Instead, create a dedicated work space within your home that can become your new office desk. If you don’t have a study, this can be anything from your kitchen table to your dressing table. If you live with other people perhaps claim a section of the home for private calls and meetings to minimise distractions.

Stay focused

It can be difficult to stay focused amongst all your home comforts. Switch off the TV and put the radio on instead. Research has even suggested that listening to classical music can boost concentration making it the perfect background noise.

Be self-motivated! Plan your to do list in advance and set out a structure for your day so that you can tackle your workload one small task at a time.

But Remember to Take Breaks!

In the office we have natural breaks from water cooler talks, to making a cup of tea. At home it can be easy to keep your head down and let these small breaks pass you by.

You need to keep it moving! Don’t sit down for too long, your eyes and body need a stretch. Do some simple exercises like neck stretches or shoulder rolls to relieve some of that tension from being hunched over a laptop. Or take frequent walks to the kitchen to top up your water, it’s important to stay hydrated.

Still take your full lunch break. You can use that time to refresh and replenish ready for the afternoon ahead. Perhaps go outside for some fresh air or do a yoga at home session to really relax your body and mind.


Lastly, communicate! Now that your colleagues aren’t sitting right next to you, tasks can seem daunting. But they’re only a phone call or message away. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help!

If you live alone, working from home can seem isolating. Staying connected is more important than ever! Check in with your colleagues on a personal basis. Try to carve out five minutes of your business call for general chit chat and pleasantries that will greatly benefit your mental well being!

If you ever need a little pick me up whilst working from home treat yourself to one of our Nakd fruit and nut bars to keep you going for the day ahead! Like our Coffee and Walnut vegan bar – perfect with a cup of tea or Vegan Pumpkin Spiced Latte!

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